Laurin at Lansdowne

How we mobilized forces and executed plans to deliver millions of dollars of construction work in a very short time on a very high-profile site.

Anyone who has lived in Ottawa since 2010 knows about the significance of the Lansdowne Park redevelopment project.

Here was a prime downtown real estate asset, rooted in history, but which suffered from neglect and disuse. When plans to finally redevelop the park were swung into action in the spring of 2012, the site became a blur of activity.

The scope of work was ambitious. Partners Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) and the City of Ottawa imagined a grand, accessible and welcoming space that invited residents to live, work and play on site. It was also large. Renovation required not only assembly of dozens of new buildings, but also significant demolition and remediation work to existing structures, all while preserving some of the park’s 19th century heritage assets.

Laurin General Contractor was proud to play a key role in Lansdowne’s redevelopment. We delivered millions of dollars worth of work for the OSEG/City of Ottawa public-private partnership—all on time, on budget and to the clients’ precise specifications.

Base buildings, fit-ups & much, much more

Our work on site was extensive. We assembled base buildings on some projects, performed tenant fit-ups on others, and executed both on still others. And we performed under all types of contractual arrangements: anything from construction management to lump-sum, hard bid.

One jewel in our crown was the work we performed at TD Place, Lansdowne’s multi-use stadium that serves as home to the Ottawa REDBLACKS and the Ottawa Fury FC. During the three months prior to the stadium’s opening—when failure to meet the schedule was simply not an option—we mobilized our forces to deliver an intense amount of work.

Our scope varied in size and complexity. Some work was conventional: the assembly of structures to support the building’s bars, restaurants and washrooms with a myriad of gap items. Other parts were deeply complicated. We installed and activated more than 150 wireless access points throughout the stadium to ensure that fans, media and staff always had access to reliable, fast Internet signals.

Success, for us, came in the form of a job well done—on time and on budget. TD Place and the rest of phase one of the park threw open its doors to the public on gameday, July 14, 2014 to a great reception—and a near flawless fan experience. We were proud to be one of the members of the team that made that part of the project a reality, and prouder still to receive a letter of commendation from the project owners.

How did we do it?

We built the foundation for our success at Lansdowne long before we ever set foot on site.

It would be arrogant to say the outcome was assured, but we proceeded confidently, knowing that we would deliver impressive results by always relying on our proven construction methodologies.

We studied details of the project intensively to ensure we understood, and accounted for, site conditions and project challenges prior to deploying our teams. For example,

Timing was everything. The schedule could not be changed. Opening day was set in stone. Our project plan accounted for this reality by deploying as many workers as required for as many hours as needed to get the job done. Overtime was more than a possibility. It was a likelihood.

Workspace was at a premium. Although Lansdowne itself is a 40-acre facility, construction work was necessarily condensed to just a fraction of that space. Within that footprint, dozens of contractors and trades worked furiously to assemble tens of thousands of square feet of retail, residential and institutional facilities. Our plan took into account the scheduled deliveries of each of these companies to ensure not only that our materials arrived on site as we needed them, but also that our work did not conflict with others’.

Costs were fixed. We had very little room, budget-wise, to err. We were therefore mindful to track every dollar spent on the project using our proprietary Strategic Asset Management tool.

Safety was paramount. As such, we employed only the best tradesworkers whom we trust to execute with the highest degree of professionalism and competence.

Proof positive of our ability to execute. Project stakeholders could easily have chosen individual contractors to perform all the work that Laurin delivered at Lansdowne Park. It’s a testament to our demonstrated ability to execute that they chose to partner with us. And we’re delighted they did.