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Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

LAURIN is dedicated to addressing the needs of both its employees and customers with disabilities, actively striving to eliminate and prevent obstacles to accessibility. Committed to upholding the regulations described in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, (the “Act”), LAURIN has devised an accessibility plan to outline the measures taken to comply with these regulations and enhance opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

This plan underscores our commitment to contribute to the creation of an inclusive Ontario for all its residents. Additionally, we ensure that this plan undergoes regular review and updates, at least once every five years, as required by the Act.

Past Achievements, Strategies and Actions

Customer Service

Past Achievements:

LAURIN is firmly dedicated to offering accessible customer service to individuals with disabilities. This entails delivering goods, services, and facilities to individuals with disabilities with the same level of excellence and efficiency as to others. We prioritize collaboration with individuals with disabilities to identify the most effective communication methods tailored to their needs.

In our commitment to enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities, we have implemented measures to install an automatic operator at the front entrance of our building, along with automatic sliding doors for entry into our primary work areas.

Strategies and Actions:

We intend to continue our existing customer service strategy, which complies with the requirements for ensuring accessibility pursuant to the Act. Our current plan prioritizes prompt and courteous service to all customers, including those with disabilities, and incorporates measures such as personalized assistance and accessible communication methods. By maintaining consistency with our current approach, we aim to uphold our commitment to providing inclusive and equitable service to everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Information & Communications

Past Achievements:

LAURIN has maintained a steadfast dedication to ensuring that our information and communications are accessible to individuals with disabilities. We prioritize accommodating requests for communications in accessible formats and remain steadfast in our commitment to continue this effort.

Strategies and Actions:

LAURIN warrants that it will discuss its Accessibility Policy annually at its yearly safety meeting, and will gather feedback from LAURIN employees with respect to the Accessibility Plan in real time, in the spirit of continuing improvement.


Past Achievements:

Throughout the duration of employment, should any employee submit a request for accommodation, we are dedicated to making every reasonable effort to fulfill their needs. As part of our broader commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity, we prioritize ensuring that all employees have the necessary support to thrive in their roles. Furthermore, we have implemented a comprehensive return-to-work plan designed specifically for employees who have taken leave due to a disability. This plan not only demonstrates our commitment to accommodating individual needs but also reflects our proactive approach to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment. It outlines tailored alternative work arrangements to facilitate a smooth transition back to their regular duties, ensuring they can resume their pre-injury responsibilities with confidence and dignity.

Strategies and Actions:

We are committed to maintaining our current employment strategies, which we believe effectively meet the necessary requirements. Our current plan emphasizes inclusivity, fair treatment, and equal opportunities for all employees. It encompasses practices such as diversity and inclusion initiatives, fair hiring processes, ongoing training and development opportunities, and proactive measures to accommodate employees’ needs. By adhering to our existing strategies, we are confident in our ability to foster a supportive and conducive work environment for all members of our team.


Past Achievements:

The organization adopted a targeted training strategy, mandating that all employees in direct customer-facing roles and management undergo training on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the Human Rights Code.

Strategies and Actions:

Moving forward, LAURIN will ensure that all new hires receive compulsory training on Customer Service Standards and the Ontario Human Rights Code in connection with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. Additionally, all current employees who have not undergone this training will be mandated to complete it by the end of 2024.

For more information on this accessibility plan please contact the Human Resources Department.